A. Preparatory work, management and executive planning

A1 Evaluating the conservation state of the Priority habitat*1120 and identifying the areas of intervention
A2 Updating the checklist of the marine flora found in habitat *1120 and preparing detailed mapping of the same
A3 Preliminary survey on habitats 2250* and 2270*, in preparation of the collection, multiplication and reintroduction of germplasm
A4 updating the distribution of invasive species found in the area and preparing a detailed map of habitats *2250 and *2270

C. Conservation

C1 Installing mooring structures at sea to safeguard habitat *1120
C2 Regenerating and repopulating the sensitive areas on habitat*1120
C3 Collecting, cleaning, testing and multiplication of the germplasm of species that are typical of habitats 2250* and 2270*, which is necessary for action C5
C4 Control and/or eradication of the invasive alien species in habitats *2250 and *2270
C5 Rehabilitation and regeneration of dune vegetation in habitats *2250 and *2270

D. Monitoring

D1 Monitoring the installation of mooring fields in habitat *1120
D2 Monitoring the effectiveness of repopulation in habitat *1120
D3 Monitoring the effectiveness of the collection, testing, multiplication of the germplasm in habitats *2250 and *2270
D4 Monitoring the effectiveness of control and eradication in habitats *2250 and *2270
D5 Monitoring the effectiveness of regeneration of habitats *2250 and *2270
D6 Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project

E. Communication and dissemination of results

E1 Communication plan, coordinated image and promotional material
E2 Project website and social networking
E3 Information panels on the habitats
E4 Environmental education programme
E5 Local infotainment
E6 Final report (Layman’s report) for publication
E7 Campaign for the substitution of alien species with native species in private areas
E8 Documentary videos on Youtube Channel
E9 Best practice manual and guidelines for good management and use of the beach system
E10 Raising tourists’ awareness

F. Project management

F1 Project management and Steering Committee
F2 Monitoring all actions
F3 Networking with other LIFE+ project beneficiaries
F4 Independent assessment of the final financial plan
F5 Post-LIFE Conservation Plan