The project will start with some preparatory work, aimed at updating our knowledge on the submerged and dry beach systems and the threats they currently face. This phase will enable us to identify the needed actions and plan our conservation work.

Conservation will entail actions to safeguard the Posidonia, Coastal dunes and Dune forests habitats using low impact protocols and solutions that have been tested in similar projects before (Best Practice and guidelines).These may include elimination and/or containment of invasive species, re-population and rehabilitation of the priority habitats, installation of mooring structures that reduce the impact on the most sensitive areas.

The effectiveness of these interventions will be monitored by checking the resilience of the treated alien species over time; conducting qualitative and quantitative checks on the effectiveness of the collection, testing and multiplication of germplasm, and habitat rehabilitation.
Our monitoring of the impact of mooring structures on the habitat and the successful repopulation of the native P. species will be carried out through environmental indices and time-related assessments (variations in the upper or lower limit of the Posidonia habitat; headcount of the boats moored by the mooring structures).

The communication plan will be coordinated and shared with the various partners; it will use both above-the-line and multimedia communication, as well as creating an instrument of prevention, in the form of a Best Practice manual. Furthermore, we plan to conduct activities aimed at raising awareness, and entertaining while informing on environmental issues, targeting all stakeholders, including schools, local population and local administrators. The results will be published on the project website and further disseminated via documentary videos uploaded on YouTube, seminar and conference presentations as well as general and specialised press articles. The Steering Committee will ensure that the project is well managed and will directly interface with the stakeholders.

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