Invasive alien species in the project RES MARIS

This page is dedicated to the most important invasive alien plants present in the SCI and in many gardensĀ of Villasimius, that represent a serious threat to the biodiversity of our territory.
For each plant you will find photos, description, behavior and dangerousness.

Finally, a few tips to eliminate them so that they no longer represent a threat.




Hottentot Fig

Small glossary (always under construction)

Heliophilous: sun-loving

Invasive: able to reproduce abundantly, spreading very quickly and over large areas

Naturalized: alien plant that forms populations stable for at least 10 years, without the direct intervention of man, reproducing independently

Vegetative reproduction: characteristic of many plants that spontaneously give rise to a new individual transforming and developing its structure (for example the rhizomes)

Rhizome: modification of the stem with a main reserve function, able to independently develop new plants even in unfavorable conditions

Stem: type of herbaceous stem with flowers and leaves and, within it, marrow

Vivipara: is a type of reproduction in which embryonic development takes place within the body of the mother. The term may refer to either animals to plants