Long term intervention


Human pressure on coastal dunes

A few years after the end of the project, any naturalistic engineering work built under Action C is likely to need maintenance and repair from damage and wear caused by extreme marine events. Further eradication and/or containment of the invasive species of the dune systems may also be needed.
The City Council of Villasimius, managing authority of the PMA Capo Carbonara, will guarantee that these actions take place, by providing their financing in the city budget.

Awareness raising and teaching activities should be carried out as follows:
1. Updating the information published in the project’s website.
2. Extra copies of the documentary videos, Best Practice manual and other communication material produced during the life of the project.
Further details on these actions will be provided in the future post-LIFE+ Conservation Plan. Also, the different administrations involved in the project will keep their coordination, which will be the starting point for other actions to safeguard the habitats. Any durable goods acquired in the course of the project will be used for conservation activities, even after the end of the project. Finally, the Province of Cagliari will propose to the relevant authorities that circa € 50,000 be earmarked for these objectives in the five years after the project.